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Webinar on Intellectual Property Management: Insights and Practical Examples

As part of our WP5 Dissemination, Outreach, and Exploitation activities, Task 5.4 "Exploitation Plan" is dedicated to transforming the innovative mechanistic knowledge developed by ELMUMY into market-ready technologies. This comprehensive task involves several critical activities to ensure the successful exploitation of project outcomes.

Highlight: Internal Training on IP Management

As part of our internal training efforts, our colleague Iryna Lishchuk (partner LUH?) conducted an insightful webinar on June 17, 2024. The session covered both theoretical analysis and practical examples on various IP-related topics, including:

- IP Management

- IP Ownership and Access Rights

- Expected Specific IP Outcomes and Options

- Expected Results and D&E (Dissemination and Exploitation) Measures

Iryna's presentation provided valuable insights and equipped our team with the necessary knowledge to handle IP issues effectively, ensuring that our innovations are well-protected and ready for market exploitation.

Through these structured activities, Task 5.4 ensures that ELMUMY’s groundbreaking mechanistic knowledge can be effectively translated into viable, market-ready technologies, thereby maximizing the impact and reach of our research.

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