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"Understanding" cluster

On 6 March 2023 we had the first very fruitful online meeting of the "Understanding" cluster, organized by our colleagues from the LUCIA project. We discussed the framework of our common future actions.

ELMUMY is part of a group of five projects that received funding from the European Commission through the Horizon Europe programme to work on objective 1 of the Mission Cancer programme, which is aimed at better understanding the impact of risk factors and health determinants on the development and progression of cancer. These projects are:

GENIAL: Understanding gene environment interaction in alcohol-related hepatocellular carcinoma

LUCIA: Understanding lung cancer related risk factors and their impact

ELMUMY: Elucidation of risk factors and health determinants associated with progression of monoclonal gammopathies to multiple myeloma

DISCERN: Discovering the causes of three poorly understood cancers in Europe (renal, pancreatic and colorectal)

MELCAYA: Novel health care strategies for melanoma in children, adolescents and young adults

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