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Cancer Mission Cluster Meeting, San Sebastian

On the 7th of September 2023, ELMUMY was represented by its partners, NKUA and EXELIXIS, at the Cancer Mission Cluster Meeting in San Sebastian, Spain, specifically participating in the "Understanding (risk factors and determinants) cluster." The event served as a profoundly inspiring conclave of experts dedicated to the advancement of cancer comprehension and prevention.

Prof. Ieronymos Zoidakis (NKUA) elucidated the scientific focal point of the ELMUMY project, while Mr. Dimitris Raptis (EXEL) delineated a strategic plan to spotlight the endeavors of the "Understanding" cluster. The feedback received from officers of the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) and the establishment of new partnerships are poised to significantly contribute to the ongoing research and amplify the impact of the cluster.

This conference unequivocally affirmed the pivotal role of collaboration in the progression of scientific endeavors.

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